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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Maggie's Been 86-ed

I thought it would be Gwen, since she's been a biter in the past and becoming more and more aggressive with the other kids. But it turns out that our white, brown-spotted one-year old boxer, Maggie, has one-uped Gwen on the daycare "bad girl" list.
Let me explain: We got Maggie last July. She was cute as a pup, but has become a force of energy the last six months. We live in a not-so-great neighborhood, if you can believe that Blythe has one. Our friend Matt was trimming out trees last fall, when a scary little boy stopped by and asked Matt, "Where's the dog?, What time do these people go to work?, Does the dog stay outside?" Psych-o. So, since we only have a front yard and we were pretty sure our boxer (which many brothers mistake for a pit) was on the grab-and-go radar, we decided that she needed a play place. Hence, our good friends Bruce and Teri offered to let Maggie come over and play with their two St. Barnards, Rebel and Rascal.
A couple of holes in the yard, and everything was going pretty well. Until last week. Maggie went over, and while Bruce went to the store, she proceeded to find a remote control and chew the be-jesus out of it. Once, Bruce could handle. We offered to replace it, but he wouldn't hear of it. Maggie spent a couple of time-out days at home, and Joe took her over this morning.
Joe walked in this afternoon looking quite grave, and said, "Well, Maggie's been permanently kicked out of daycare." It seems that once again, Bruce left for the store and this time was only gone for 10 MINUTES. He came home to find ANOTHER remote control trashed. Well, Maggie's going to be staying in her kennel at our house, we're going to give Bruce money for two replacements, and we're looking into some kind of discount obedience program. Maybe Julian can whip our whipper-snapper into shape. Stay tuned!


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