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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Drip-Drop, Drip-Drop

"Drip, drip, drop...little April showers..." or at least that's what happens when it rains in Bambi. The rain that came last night to Blythe showed up around 3 a.m. The lightening and thunder started, then the light sprinkling, which quickly became pellets of water. Laying in bed, I thought "The A/C vent is open and that water is going to start leaking right onto our bed." Because of the way our rental house has been built and modified over the years, we have a unique feature in that our room and the guest room roof's seem to tilt at just the right angle that water can run into them. Each time it has rained since we've lived in this place, if we aren't home to catch it, our bed and the guest bed get soaked and we have to air everything out and do all the laundry. This was the situation when we came home on Memorial Day weekend, with the flu. We found our beds all soaked and nasty, and we had to sleep in the living room on the couches.
Well, the drops started falling about 3:30 a.m. We layed out towels, hoping it would just be a little sprinkle and we could sleep through. Then the drops caught the ceiling fan and were whirled across the bed as it became wetter and wetter. We grabbed all the big bowls and went to work catching as much of the mess as we could, to no avail. Joe took care of the guest room with one ice chest, and had to do the same in our bedroom. So we retired once again to couches, for a night of Maggie crying in her kennel (she knew we were there and ignoring her) and kinks in our backs and necks. Yes, we know we need to move and we want to move.....and moments like these make us want to find something new and perfect and WAY over budget, just to not have the hassle.



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